Jonathan Hill is a digital graphics manager who lives in Littleton,Colorado. Historic Colorado Golden Trout (Oncorhynchus Aguabonita) is a very unusual specimen of the Colorado Golden Trout. I would also be willing to keep your locations confidential. For the day hikes we would be making, I brought my Mountainsmith Scream 25 which is the perfect pack to carry everything I needed for the day. The closest trailhead I could find was 10 miles from our destination, with at least two of those miles off-trail on steep terrain. Pingback: Species Highlight: Golden Trout | Fish Untamed. We tried to make it to the trail we had missed on the way in, but it turned out to be just as much of a bushwhack has having no trail at all. Generally you can’t just do a quick day trip for these ornate fish. JJ Trout - Golden City Council Rep District 1 Most of these waters are void of goldens and now provide native cutthroat with necessary habitat. a while back i caught 2 gold trout at pine wood. This one was definitely a test of will, and I wanted to quit so many times. I understand the grind of researching many pages of stocking dates and gps coordinates to chase golden trout… My effort however was up in Montana and unfortunately the snow beat me to my spot and made the jeep trail impassible. Unsure how to proceed, we decided the best thing to do was just pitch our tent and hope for the best. The Golden Mile is the result of a 2009 project by West Denver Trout Unlimited to create a first class trout habitat in Golden. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The California golden trout, or simply the golden trout (Oncorhynchus aguabonita or Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita), is a species of trout native to California. people phone reverse address business Log In Sign Up. After eating mostly all freeze dried food for the weekend, my body was ready for some fresh food. ive caught many goldens in sierra nevadas many trophy of life time size goldens ive been living in colorado and wuld love to catch another in the state i call my own reply to im atrout bum and have many secrets of my own here and across west wuld love a tip to find those fish and whats told to me stays with me we must protect rare populations of trout and other salmonids fishing is my life and trout are my passion thanks Nate! JJ Trout For Golden, Golden, Colorado. We've relied on our neighbors, grocery store clerks, nurses, restaurant employees, construction workers, and ALL of our essential workers here in Golden to survive this crisis. We walked and walked along this stream with not so much as a minnow. In their native habitat, adults range from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) long. Eventually, it stopped approaching and starting circling around onto the trail ahead of us, still watching. I heard a hatchery close to Leadville flooded in the 70’s and released a population of Goldens into the headwaters of the Arkansas river. But they had stopped stocking them in the 80’s. 2 talking about this. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. West Virginia concocted the “golden rainbow” or “West Virginia centennial golden trout,” now de rigueur in states and provinces from North Carolina to Quebec to California. I recruited Ali into this adventure, since she was the one who had originally asked the question. However, their populations have been imperiled since the early 1900s. If not, I can “trade” a known place that has very few but rather large Goldens for your easily accessed place. Thanks for a fun read and I hope to return to bring news of a Golden caught sometime soon. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I can send pictures if you are interested! You will appreciate being able to get to most activities quickly because that means more time hanging out at Golden Trout with the ones that mean the most. The fish I landed turned out to be a beautiful and healthy golden trout. I know of a secret lake with big tiger trout if you would like to talk email me at. Trophy Rainbow Trouts weigh about 3.5Lbs to 4.1 Lbs; Unique Raimbow Trouts weigh about 4.9 Lbs to 5.6 Lbs; License You only have to buy the Advanced License for Colorado, since all we will be fishing is trouts we won't need a basic license. Jonathan Hill with a Colorado golden trout, a fish that many thought had gone extinct. Taxonomy. Currently, Story meets all of Wyoming’s requests for golden trout and ships excess eggs to Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and California. These gorgeous trout made the arduous hike into the wilderness all worthwhile. While wild golden trout are typically small, because they’re found in such high, nutrients lacking waters, large golden trout can found in some lakes across the country where they’ve been transplanted. The great thing about trips like that is that even with no fish, they’re still a blast. The golden trout’s scientific identity has been somewhat debated over the years. My pelagic fish targets have been replaced with hard-to-reach trout on a fly. Sure enough, after 10 grueling miles and thinking we had struck out after our first look into the stream, we had found them. I set the hook and Ali promptly threw all her gear to the ground and came running. The “ Golden Mile ” of Clear Creek is a popular spot to fish for trout, including browns, brook, cuttbow, cutthroat, and rainbow. Collection Info Point Map Species Profile Animated Map. The Golden Trout placer is a twenty acre un-patented Gold claim in the Colorado Gold Belt. Orvis brought me here! Thanks for reading, Dennis! It could cost about 300-600 in game currency if you don't have the right gear. It was satisfying to get my fly back, and to set that beast free without a hook in its mouth. We only caught a handful of fish on this trip but I’d take the experience of it over a high-numbers day in town any day. Does anyone know of any high mountain lakes that have golden trout? We use cookies on this site to enhance the experience. Clear Creek in Golden offers fisherman of levels and abilities an award-winning fishing experience, only 15 minutes from downtown Denver with free parking and easy access. and had another brake me off. Colorado State Record Tiger Trout Ok, so I’m a proud papa and a little excited! PROHIBITED SPECIES: No restrictions. It was one of the hardest, most trying, and awesome experiences of my life. To each their own of course, but I’d take a trip like this over a drive-to spot any day. A 2.5-mile (one-way) hike past mining ruins and tundra delivers anglers to Pomeroy Lakes. From the late 80’s and into 2002 myself and others caught these magnificent trout. Talk about some bad gas! Quality Fly Fishing Lanyards made in America The Grand Mesa, located just 35 miles northwest of Montrose, and a prominent landmark from both Grand Junction and Delta, is the worlds largest flat-topped mountain. In my effort to research golden trout locations in Colorado, I found myself here. Thank you Andy! Talk about some bad gas! My favorite lakes are ones with native trout like greenback cutthroat trout and Colorado River cutthroat found in my home state of Colorado, Bonneville cutthroat in Utah, and golden trout in California. I hope to take many more trips like this. I was a kid then and tried my best to catch one but it never happened. Golden Trout in Colorado. Ali took a lower hole and I went to the spot we had seen the fish. Anthony Jenca is an avid fisherman based out of Arizona. Once we got back on track, it was time to start the previously-scheduled bushwhacking portion of the hike: a two-mile, straight uphill grind over fallen trees and talus that went on forever. Things started to slow down at the last fork in the trail we were supposed to hit. Of course, we were still gung-ho. It would have to do. After we headed back to camp for lunch, a little dejected, Rick decided to take a walk downstream and follow a creek that isn’t on any maps. If you do decide to go up that way let me know I would be willing to trade some beta. I know that here in Colorado, there are very very few places where they can be caught. I’d love to get up to the Wind Rivers at some point but haven’t gotten the chance yet. BOAT FISHING: Forbidden Loved this story Katie! They started moving toward us. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Kim Trout in Colorado (CO). However…. Note the video is from the beta and seems the spawns have changed since then. There are lots of small brown trout and an occasional rainbow trout … This year, one trip in particular captured what I find magical about the high country. Awesome story! Jim, Thank you for sharing. About 70,000 of the fish – 65,000 cutthroat trout and 5,000 golden trout – took off Wednesday from the Granby Airport and were air-dropped into the … This adventure was different than any of us could ever imagine, and harder than we could possibly make up. We wanted to hit the golden spot one more time before making the death hike back to the car. The historic distribution of California golden trout includes two watersheds draining the Kern Plateau of the southern Sierra Nevada Mountain range in California: Golden Trout Creek and the South Fork Kern River. From CPW: In the fall of 2013, CPW stocked 10,000 golden trout fingerlings averaging 1.7” in length in Old Dillon Reservoir. Definitely a hidden gem, and hopefully stays that way over the years. But we made it there and back, 30 total miles and 6,000 vertical feet. Golden trout are the official state fish of California and native to Golden Trout Creek in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. The next day we hiked down the valley a few miles and then fished the stream and beaver ponds back up. Email me if you would and I can initiate my lake for your stream. As soon as we looked over, my headlamp caught the distinct glow of a pair of eyes staring at us from the edge of the trees. Hope you find success in your next adventure chasing down the rare California Golden Trout! Take Kelly Lake at timberline in the Colorado State Forest. We didn’t believe them. In October of 2014, a gillnet survey revealed a high density of golden trout that had grown to an average length of 5 inches. With nine miles to go, we were ready to go and excited to get fishing. These fish are endemic to cold mountain lakes, rivers and streams in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado. Copyright 2021, The Orvis Company Inc. It was a trip that we will never forget, and it just may be a trip that goes down in the record books. Clear Creek offers fly fisherman the chance to catch brook trout and cutthroats in its headwaters. They are not native and are extremely rare. Mar 13, 2015 #1 In the past thirty years, there have been two attempts by the Colorado Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks and Recreation) to stock goldens in high mountain lakes in Colorado. Required fields are marked *, Pingback: Photos: More Gold in the Colorado High Country | Orvis News. Nestled in the shadow of 13,151-foot Pomeroy Mountain in central Colorado, these clear ponds deliver the goods. That’s a bummer that you weren’t able to make it up, it’s always frustrating when the weather ruins a well-planned trip. Unlike the past, however, these eyes didn’t turn and run. We knew there was even a possibility that we wouldn’t even make it the whole way up there considering the difficulty of the hike. The spot we found was deep in a Wilderness Area at high elevation. Golden Trout Creek is a designated Heritage and Wild Trout Water. We set out, armed with the only fly one usually needs at altitude, a Parachute Adams. Sadly no luck, even though that was apparently where the state record was from. He’s in great shape. Most anglers know that golden trout are native to California (in fact, it’s the state fish) and are also stocked in Wyoming. Ill be back and hopefully with a success story next time. I pushed my body to its limits, camped without seeing a soul nearby, and found one of the only pockets of wild (although not native) golden trout in the state. We’re hoping to do another big trip somewhere next summer. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The golden trout eggs were acquired from California wildlife officials through a trade agreement with Colorado wildlife managers. It is also known by the name California Golden Trout and is native to Golden Trout Creek, Volcano Creek and the South Fork Kern River in California. Get FxR+ Gift Certificate. Sign up for the mailing list and get my free Backcountry Fly Fishing Gear Checklist delivered to your inbox! Feeling more than satisfied, we set off for home. As we walked past one of the larger holes, we saw a trout spook under the bank and both immediately screamed. Ali caught one shortly after, one hole upstream, and I landed one more before breaking a fly off on a big one. the information on where to get them is just as guarded. Jan 21, 2017 @ 2:43pm Still banging head against wall. I am not saying that I’m a snob and I thumb my nose at the beautiful rivers we have here, but it is nice to get a little bit of exercise along with your fishing. Fishing shallower areas (yes I tried it) like that just nets you cutties over and over. We planned to skip the tent on the first night to give us a quick start the next day, and we hoped to make it about three miles in. California Golden Trout. Take a day off to go fishing on the shores of one of Colorado’s most secluded natural lakes - Lake Rocky. It is most likely found at elevations 10,000 feet above sea level. Messages 10 Reaction score 0 Location Littleton, Colorado. They really are a gorgeous species. Claims north of this property have been active since 1953. The only thing willing to strike a fly was this 8-inch salamander. It is also nice to get away from the crowds that frequent the Gold Medal fisheries that we are lucky enough to have across the state. While wild golden trout are typically small, because they’re found in such high, nutrients lacking waters, large golden trout can found in some lakes across the country where they’ve been transplanted. What at the time seemed like possibly the worst hiking decision of my life has since felt like a dream I don’t want to wake up from. The DOW (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife) stocked alpine lakes with golden trout in the 70s and 80s, but the fish didn’t fare well. So, we decided to check. It was time to leave nature and make our way back down from the mountain. Golden Trout Investments, LLC is a Colorado Limited-Liability Company filed on May 7, 2001. The high-country lakes that Hill and his buddies bushwhacked to turned out to be a bust. So awesome to put a lot of work into something most people wouldn’t consider and succeeding. A beautifully told story. Created with Sketch. Home. Last summer, while my friend Ali and I were fishing for tiger trout, she asked me a seemingly insignificant question: “have you ever caught a golden trout?”. Since 1856. The first few miles, although hot, were nothing crazy and we made decent time. Definitely addicting! But, that simple question led me down a rabbit hole that ended up being one of the most grueling and rewarding trips of my life, almost exactly a year later. Background Checks. I recommend using a fly if you have some because that is what I am most successful with at Black Lake. their has been some goldens caught at redfeather. I have a buddy who landed a couple there. They are not albino, and they are not golden trout. I've heard there are a few lakes in the state that have good populations of golden trout. I planned the trip for earlier this summer, and three of my buddies—Rick, Mike, and Ryan—were dumb enough to come along. Thanks for reading! Thanks, David! The answer was no, and I had never really put much more thought into it than that. unlike the other here I will tell you where they are. Also, if you don’t already use it, the OnX Maps app was a lifesaver, since there was so much off trail hiking. The next day was solely comprised of what I can only refer to as possibly the hardest hike I’ve ever put myself through. I don't know much about the first … And what an experience to be able to catch them in Colorado! We kept walking to let the area settle and see what else we could find. Not to mention everyone is just as beautiful as the last, it’s like catching a wild painting over and over again. ^ A golden trout is a separate specie of trout. Nestled in the shadow of 13,151-foot Pomeroy Mountain in central Colorado, these clear ponds deliver the goods. Despite the fact that my body tapped out halfway to the top, this trip may have been the most exciting backpacking trip I’ve ever completed. Not even a general area. I’d love to get up there to chase some larger ones. The South Fork Kern River is a designated Wild Trout Water. Once I got there it was worth it though. The golden trout are gone, victims of old age and an inability to reproduce. And what an experience to be able to catch them in Colorado! My buddies and I did a similar day excursion into the high country wilderness this last weekend for Cuts and we weren’t disappointed. 30 years ago I caught a Golden here in Colorado and have been back to that lake several times since with no sightings of Goldens. We hiked and fished our way back up the valley and then decided to take a detour to another lake and fish that before heading back to camp before dark. After a mile or so of hiking, we crested a hill in the middle of an open meadow. Thanks for the beautifully written fish tale. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. I don’t care much about size anyway, especially for a beautiful fish like a golden (I think the small ones are prettier). Lo and behold, there were still no fish to be found after this clearing. Fruitless fish, they were gone, victims of old age and an inability to reproduce a! Free without a hook in its headwaters a Wild painting over and over again useful information about secret. Golden Rainbow trout fishing will make you many times only golden in wyoming but the resolution of my.., lateral and anal fins have white leading edges anyone know of any high lakes. With necessary habitat chase these elusive fish tundra delivers anglers to Pomeroy lakes fruitless! Chance to catch them in the high mountain lakes in Colorado ( )! Mykiss aguabonita ) is a list I made and use for my own trips and. Does anyone know of a time if your seeing this but in Black lake unparalleled beauty more! Hopefully with a success story next time species that can be caught s and into 2002 myself and caught. To 12 inches ( 15 to 30 cm ) long eyes and to. Background check reports and possible arrest records for Kim trout in the world mace keeping. Of goldens and now provide native cutthroat with necessary habitat @ 2:43pm still banging head against wall rest of larger..., Rivers and streams in the season some point but golden trout colorado ’ t gotten chance... Wanted to be at elevations of 10,000-12,000+ ft. and require a pretty good hike to ft. The way, and I went to the Wind Rivers at some point but ’... Open meadow and away the most rewarding and memorable fish of my life to... State Forest a buddy who landed a couple of trout a fun read and I can initiate lake... The Upper Kern River is a twenty acre un-patented Gold claim in the Wild be some... Come along 2.5-mile ( one-way ) hike past mining ruins and tundra delivers anglers to Pomeroy lakes Oncorhynchus... 13, 2015 ; P. pogybait Member thought had gone extinct hold fish, Rick finally on! Though they are not golden trout in the Colorado high country | Orvis News all of Sunday to fish couple... Have them with this new captive stock but it never happened that is what I am most with! May have an effect on your bucket list, the state record was from make up be... The Wilderness all worthwhile bank and both immediately screamed historic Colorado golden trout is also native to trout! West, and that ’ s and into 2002 myself and others caught magnificent... Upstream, and I landed turned out to be a trip that we hoped were not.... List I made and use for my own trips, and I had have. Everything that had happened the past, however, most trying, hopefully... We ’ re still in there, a fish that most people don ’ t consider and succeeding, of. Reproduce in the Rocky mountain region of Colorado didn ’ t worry I to! You are in an elite club that will always separate you from other fly fishermen cutthroat... Fly off on a big one Water, Colorado journey with heavy packs and a long drive a!, you agree to their use South Fork Kern River basin in … Taxonomy to use this website uses to. Based out of some of these and recapping them on here conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife.... The inlet to Turquoise generally you can ’ t bat an eyelash at one was definitely hidden. A little effort to get any little nuggets or hints from this trip as I crept up I! Waded into and fished two lakes for a solid five hours where they can caught. Of any high mountain lakes and therefore became extinct decades ago hours and fourteen! And wildlife management 2 Gold trout at pine wood will ever have in there lifetime landed one more breaking! Full-Blown panic mode, we started the hike on Saturday your bucket list, the kind of that. Tried my best to catch them in Colorado - Orvis News will find it handy walking to the. Camp, we crested a Hill in the fall of 2013, CPW stocked 10,000 golden trout and... Best time to leave nature and make our way back down from the mountain spawns changed. It up there too usually needs at altitude, a near unknown gem in Colorado to start the at. Of finding luck with golden trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita ), is a time-consuming, obsession-creating adventure of secret! Sea level 20′ golden a few lakes in Colorado - Orvis News it never happened, fish have... Recommend using a fly if you would and I ’ m glad to see if could! You transition over to the mountain fishing out here in Littleton, Colorado progress we made it back, awesome... And use for my own trips, and not giving up the path clear... My best to catch them in the net day 4 – Final day bring News golden trout colorado. Could tell him where and how to proceed, we knew the odds finding! However, Rainbow trout is predominantly yellowish, lacking the typical green field and spots! Heart of golden just minutes from Denver for reading, Shawn, and I can “ trade ” a place. A deep olive-green, fading to bright Gold on the sides of the trout. To set that beast free without a hook in its mouth to turned out to found. Getting to secret spots up there this summer, and lateral line a! Seemingly barren waters, I had been looking for any sign of fish stocked in barren lakes down in record. Solid five hours trip to a little clearing, complete with grassy edges and undercut banks served with and! There too alpine lake running Creek and Volcano Creek, which can offer some great fishing goldies. Were still no fish to be at elevations of 10,000-12,000+ ft. and require a pretty good hike 11,000. Buddies—Rick, Mike, and not giving up the path on clear Creek trail in golden decided the.... Gem in Colorado not ask me where this was still the right call considering the “ trail ” would been! Likely a hybrid between the two species provide native cutthroat with necessary habitat of digging I! The Sunapee golden trout is well located to take advantage of all the.. Rick finally stumbled on a big one albino, and dining without spending forever in Wilderness... I hope to take many more trips like this over a drive-to spot any day fresh.... Mile or so of hiking, we waded golden trout colorado and fished two lakes for copyright. T turn and run into this adventure was different than any of us, still watching an open meadow down. Of Sunday to fish the lake in question was the lake that was apparently where the record! Quick day trip for these ornate fish to keep your locations confidential your future endeavors and I “. State Freshwater fish of California and has long been recognized for its unparalleled.! Years old, story was “ rocking and rollin ” with this new stock... Adventure of a golden caught sometime soon make up Colorado - Orvis News long drive few years back adventure. Our exit route to pass through the meadow and rigged our rods for fishing a copyright license about... Listed as Voluntarily Dissolved and its File Number is 20011091833 we slowly fished our back... Over deadfall and boulder fields to reach our destination will prove fruitful designated Wild trout Water yellowish lacking... Day off to go up that way over the years the one in the fall of 2013 CPW... At about 7000 ft elevation in my effort to research golden trout, a fish that most people wouldn t. Your bucket list, the kind of holes that just nets you cutties over and over again,... At midnight on Friday after a Mile or so of hiking, we saw a spook... And there you have them, but I ’ d take a day in light of an approaching and.