Elephants have a sharp memory and a big mind. But this isn't true according my resources. Significance of the elephant trunk postures, Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2020: Best dates for a house warming ceremony. You can avoid placing this powerful symbol in the wrong place, when you understand the symbolism and meaning of elephant Vastu directions. Similarly, as per Vastu, elephant statues with their trunks facing upwards are considered to be very lucky and bring good fortune to the family. You can also place a pair of elephants in the form of a statue or painting or even cushion covers. Elephants have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world and are considered a symbol of good luck, power, success wisdom and experience. If you have a home office, especially one occupying the north quadrant, success and wisdom will follow the elephant's entrance into your office. bad luck? In most households one can see Ganesha idols with trunk facing left. Its upright trunk is ideal for Feng Shui or Vastu applications for good luck, fortune, wealth and positive energy flow. There is academic, love and relationship, protection, prosperity, wealth, bonding with your children, and other forms of luck an elephant can bring into your life and home. If you wish to strengthen your bond with your children, especially when it comes to having obedient children, you can place a mother and baby elephant statue or elephant wallpaper in their bedroom(s). Where to place elephant figurines at the office? $12.98. One of them is a hand-made elephant keychain, really nice detailing, but the trunk is down. Contrary to popular belief, an elephant trunk within the downward direction, doesn’t mean bad luck. Vintage Cast Bronze Brass Finish 4.5" x 2.5" Lucky Elephant Figurine India VGUC. © 2006-2021 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. Impact of Coronavirus on Indian real estate, COVID-19: How to sanitise vegetables, milk packets, deliveries and more, Good luck, protection and strength to the household, Makes the bond stronger between family members. Vastu offers guidelines and tips for placing an elephant symbol in your home or office décor. As per Vastu, keeping the elephant’s idol or showpiece will bring immense benefits in many ways. Two elephants crossing their trunks signifies bonding and friendship. This stance serves as a warning to would-be burglars and other intruders that the elephants are standing guard, ready to stop anyone attempting to invade the home. You should never place an elephant directly across from a window or door. The elephant figurine holds an important place in Hindu mythology and is often used in home décor, to symbolise power, integrity and strength. At the trunk’s tip, African elephant have two fingers while Asian elephants have one. With respect to attempting repair of the entire thoracic aorta during one procedure, it is not feasible to expose the ascending and descending thoracic aorta with a single incision. The elephant pose you need is with the trunk pointed down. Fully Decorated Elephant With Bell and Upraised Trunk (Supremely Auspicious according to Vastu) Brass Statue 12.70 inch Height x 14.70 inch Width x 7.00 inch Depth Items Related to Elephant with Upraised Trunk (for Vastu) (Hindu | Sculptures) Superbly Decorated Elephant with Upraised Trunk - Large Size. Here’s how to include elephant figurines in your home décor in the right way, to maximise its benefits, Tips to bring wealth and good luck using elephant figurines. You will place a pair of elephants outside the front entrance of your home for symbols of protection. My mom told me to throw it away, because it is considered bad luck to have an elephant with a trunk down. Will property prices crash in India due to the Coronavirus outbreak? The trunks in this instance will also be raised as a symbol of trumpeting and sending the positive lucky energy into your home (or office). One direction is facing outwards from a door and the other is facing inwards into the room. Housing.com shall not be liable in any manner (whether in law, contract, tort, by negligence, products liability or otherwise) for any losses, injury or damage (whether direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential) suffered by such person as a result of anyone applying the information (or any other contents) in these articles or making any investment decision on the basis of such information (or any such contents), or otherwise. The Elephant’s body is huge and strong. Nothing contained in the articles should be construed as business, legal, tax, accounting, investment or other advice or as an advertisement or promotion of any project or developer or locality. My uncle went to India and got me a couple of souvenirs. Social Design An elephant is a symbol of good luck in many religions and cultures. The Hindu elephant god, Ganesha (Ganesh), is often used in Vastu home décors as a revered deity. Tender, strong, silly and smart, elephants tug at our emotions and, perhaps, we at theirs. People often include statues and paintings of elephants, to bring positivity to a home.